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The Nº -38 survival kit is packed with what you need to help you survive a night on the mountain or whenever you just need that extra little somthing. The tin itself can be used to boil water, as it has no plastic lining, and the lid, when polished with the included steel wool, can act as a reflector. Mini kits included are: Fire, First-aid, Energy, Utility, and Fishing. Each mini kit is packed separately so everything is accessible and convenient.


Provision Key: Tin container to boil water with lid to polish, coffee filter, square of aluminum foil, 3x3 gauze pad, 2 pieces of notepad-sized paper, 0000 steel wool ball, safety whistle, approx. 5 FT of integrated para/fire cord. Fire Kit: Regular matches pack, windproof-waterproof matches. First Aid Kit: Ibuprofen, 2 adhesive bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipe. Energy Kit: Sugar packet, salt packet, pepper packet, energy cube, mints. Fishing Kit: Approx. 20 FT of twelve-pound-pull fishing line, Nº 6 and 10 hooks, sinkers, barrel-swivel, 3 line floats. Utility Kit: Approx. 3 FT of duct tape, sewing kit, paperclips, safety pin, 2 mini glow sticks, compass, pencil, sterile stainless steel surgical blade.


Caution: Sharp objects contained in kit. Not intended for children!

Must be 18 to purchase.

No 38 All Mountain Systems Survival kit

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